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04 June 2008 @ 06:02 pm
I know I keep saying I'm going to post everyday! But, alas, no such luck! I guess life does get in the way.

I have 12 days left of actual teaching ... but really.. We are just doing a musical theater unit.. and watching the ORIGINAL "annie".. so really.. I'm not teaching.. and I don't feel guilty at all. You try teaching K-5 music for year!

My Orchestra/Chorus concert was 2 weeks ago.. they did so good! I'm not teaching lessons/chorus/Orchestra anymore since the concert is over, so I have big chunks of free time everyday. I do need to do instrument inventory.. but besides that.. I bring things in to keep me occupied when i don't have a class. It's a good chance for me to catch up on stuff I've been putting off, like consolidating student loans, update my resume (work and performance).

I've started doing beading/jewelry making. It's funny how it's made me feel so much happier. I have a grand idea to take opera's leading soprano roles (Mimi, Tosca, Aida.... ) and design jewelry around their persona and music. But right now I'm just making any piece that comes to mind (and budget!) My sister has been doing well selling her art/jewelry online at www.etsy.com (somavenus.etsy.com) and I think I can get a few core pieces that I can duplicate quick (breast cancer awareness bracelets) as well as selling single works. I'll have time at camp this summer to play around with it.

speaking of summer... I've said it over and over... no more camp... But I am off once again for my 8TH SUMMER teaching and directing at Camp Ballibay (www.ballibay.com). This summer I'm still head of the music department, I'm teaching Voice (and probably Violin/Strings if needed) as well as Music Directing 1 -2 shows. I know for sure I am MD'ing AIDA... I cringe .. I love the show.. but I know that it's going to be hard to pull off.. especially since our camper numbers are even lower this summer... so we shall see. I'm at camp until August 16th.. and depending on what I get for work, I may or maynot stay for the final 2 week session, which runs until August 30th!

I'm moving back to Ithaca at the end of august. I've already found someone to live with (and save $$). I really wanted my own place, but it's just unrealistic.. not knowing how much money I'll make and whatever job I can find.. sharing was really the only way to do it. I found a very nice Cornell Phd student to live with.. in a duplex.. 3 stories.. plus washer/dryer in basement.. and a nice back yard that leads out to a beautiful recreation trail. Its only $405/month..low utils plus wireless internet. I'm moving back largely because J has one more year at Cornell.. and It's a biotch to drive every weekend to see him. I'm also going to be closer to Syracuse where there are more performing ops and I can hopefully get at least 2 lessons in a month with Carol at IC. I'm going to audition for Syracuse Opera's chorus.. see what they are like. Tri-Cities and SO are the same distance.. and I have friends in SYR that I can stay with if needed.

As for a job.. I'll take an office job. I may apply for teachers aids at the elementary schools in Ithaca. There is actually one across from where I'll be living.. so I could walk. It's only a 10 min walk to downtown too.. so If I could find a job there, that would be great too. I'll start applying after I'm done teaching and hope to get something with a living-wage set up for the end of August.

So that's where things are in my life. Things with J get better and better everyday and I thank the powers-that-be everyday for bringing him into my life. Things are getting serious. I'm meeting him mom this summer , maybe even next weekend. I've met his friends.. I'm friends with some of his friends on facebook.. it's nuts! We've talked about whats going to happen after he graduates.. where we will move together to.. looking at west coast.. so I think this is going to be long-term.. and I'm very happy about that : )

I'll try to actually update at least weekly... but don't hold your breath!!

much love,

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