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16 June 2008 @ 09:12 pm
I have 6 days left of teaching. Huzzah!! School is kind of pointless.. just watching 'Annie'.. the kids are too out of it to do much else. Next tuesday is 5th grade graduation... and the last day with kids. I head down to PA on Wed., june 25th (after a trip to the nutritionist)

June has been nuts. This past weekend I was out in Chautauqua with J. His mom has a summer home at the Chautauqua Institute. I met his mom AND dad this time. It was really nice. I think it went well and I think I made a good impression! Saturday John and I went for a long walk around the Institute. We were in a Panthenon type building .. a wedding was held there that morning.. a piano was left out so I sat down a played while J was reading the wedding program... then we started talking about having a wedding at Chautauqua.. We bring up the future a lot and I even let slip at dinner with his parents that I would move where ever he gets hired after graduation.. which J and I have talked about.. and J said his parents both remarked about that when they were talking (while I wasnt around.. )anyways.. It was a great weekend. Saturday night we walked down to the dock with a blanket and watched the stars.. Sunday was fathers day.. we had a nice brunch.. and we headed out around 5.

This week is nuts.. Tomorrow I am hanging out with melissa.. going to hot dog night and then Sex in the City. Wednesday I am going up to Syracuse to see Eva and celebrate her birthday a month later! Thursday John is coming down to hang out. Friday Melissa and I are driving down to LI for Mary's Shower and Party.. a full weekend of events.. Monday back to work, graduation on tuesday, camp on Wed.

Somewhere in there I need to pack for camp, and maybe pack a little for when I move in August.. and do a ton of little errands.. Must make a list.. or find the lists I made last month in-regards to this month!
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04 June 2008 @ 06:02 pm
I know I keep saying I'm going to post everyday! But, alas, no such luck! I guess life does get in the way.

I have 12 days left of actual teaching ... but really.. We are just doing a musical theater unit.. and watching the ORIGINAL "annie".. so really.. I'm not teaching.. and I don't feel guilty at all. You try teaching K-5 music for year!

My Orchestra/Chorus concert was 2 weeks ago.. they did so good! I'm not teaching lessons/chorus/Orchestra anymore since the concert is over, so I have big chunks of free time everyday. I do need to do instrument inventory.. but besides that.. I bring things in to keep me occupied when i don't have a class. It's a good chance for me to catch up on stuff I've been putting off, like consolidating student loans, update my resume (work and performance).

I've started doing beading/jewelry making. It's funny how it's made me feel so much happier. I have a grand idea to take opera's leading soprano roles (Mimi, Tosca, Aida.... ) and design jewelry around their persona and music. But right now I'm just making any piece that comes to mind (and budget!) My sister has been doing well selling her art/jewelry online at www.etsy.com (somavenus.etsy.com) and I think I can get a few core pieces that I can duplicate quick (breast cancer awareness bracelets) as well as selling single works. I'll have time at camp this summer to play around with it.

speaking of summer... I've said it over and over... no more camp... But I am off once again for my 8TH SUMMER teaching and directing at Camp Ballibay (www.ballibay.com). This summer I'm still head of the music department, I'm teaching Voice (and probably Violin/Strings if needed) as well as Music Directing 1 -2 shows. I know for sure I am MD'ing AIDA... I cringe .. I love the show.. but I know that it's going to be hard to pull off.. especially since our camper numbers are even lower this summer... so we shall see. I'm at camp until August 16th.. and depending on what I get for work, I may or maynot stay for the final 2 week session, which runs until August 30th!

I'm moving back to Ithaca at the end of august. I've already found someone to live with (and save $$). I really wanted my own place, but it's just unrealistic.. not knowing how much money I'll make and whatever job I can find.. sharing was really the only way to do it. I found a very nice Cornell Phd student to live with.. in a duplex.. 3 stories.. plus washer/dryer in basement.. and a nice back yard that leads out to a beautiful recreation trail. Its only $405/month..low utils plus wireless internet. I'm moving back largely because J has one more year at Cornell.. and It's a biotch to drive every weekend to see him. I'm also going to be closer to Syracuse where there are more performing ops and I can hopefully get at least 2 lessons in a month with Carol at IC. I'm going to audition for Syracuse Opera's chorus.. see what they are like. Tri-Cities and SO are the same distance.. and I have friends in SYR that I can stay with if needed.

As for a job.. I'll take an office job. I may apply for teachers aids at the elementary schools in Ithaca. There is actually one across from where I'll be living.. so I could walk. It's only a 10 min walk to downtown too.. so If I could find a job there, that would be great too. I'll start applying after I'm done teaching and hope to get something with a living-wage set up for the end of August.

So that's where things are in my life. Things with J get better and better everyday and I thank the powers-that-be everyday for bringing him into my life. Things are getting serious. I'm meeting him mom this summer , maybe even next weekend. I've met his friends.. I'm friends with some of his friends on facebook.. it's nuts! We've talked about whats going to happen after he graduates.. where we will move together to.. looking at west coast.. so I think this is going to be long-term.. and I'm very happy about that : )

I'll try to actually update at least weekly... but don't hold your breath!!

much love,

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watch this..
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20 February 2008 @ 08:02 pm

I won't use the v-cast video/music stuff.. I just liked the color and since my plan was up.. I got it for $50... wooot!
04 October 2007 @ 02:47 pm
I'm in a weird place today.. plus my body is freakin tired! I didnt crawl out of bed til 10am .. I only had to be in school to observe on monday and wed. I've already started having negative thoughts about teaching.. and I think it's only because Im mentally not prepared to go back to teaching after 2 years of performing/grad school. It's not that I don't like to teach, I actually do.. but I need to keep reminding myself that this job is only a sub position.. its not permanent.. and I'm not backsliding on my performance skills. I think I just freak out that If I take this job, I'll never get anywhere as a performer.. I need to snap out of this funk!

Positives: I get PAID really well... I'll get Health Insurance after a month, Im using my music skills and degrees, I'm done by 2:30 every day.. It will be minimum planning after a month or so (gotta get used to it).. its not going to be FOREVER.. I get holidays and breaks.. I can practice afterschool in my classroom...and even teach lessons if I want

NEGATIVES: I have to get up at 6:15am, there will be some classes that have disciplin issues, like the 12-1 class..

I can't think of any real negatives... just goes to show that I need to get over myself and be happy that I have a job in my FIELD

Need to work on positive thinking again.. i've been in a weird funk the past few days...

Recital is in 8 days.. Gotta keep positive about it and not be bored with it!
28 September 2007 @ 07:19 pm
things are finally looking up a bit! It's been rough not having a job since the end of camp... been about a month. I had applied to every single school district within a 30 mile radius from my apartment and nothing has happened with it untill this week.

Tuesday I had my hearing for my Recital.. I get graded on how prepared I am basically...got an A- and tons of good feedback...only sang 5 songs.. and I felt good about it all

Wednesday I had 2 scheduled interview which turned into 3. The first was at Newark Valley just for being a sub in the district. I get there and they tell me that there could be a short-term music sub opening soon, so I had to go over to the elementary school to meet with the principal and have an interview. I'm lucky that I have my ed degree and that I actually do like teaching (and don't plan on using it as a fall back career because I kow I will make it as a singer and college level teacher!)...so that was that

Wed. afternoon I had an interview with AIG insurance..doing customer service/call center work. The beginning of this week I had applied to a ton of non-teaching, non-arts, non-music jobs... which is pretty much retail/sales/customer service crap... I would be ok with it.. at this point I needed a job and any job (as long as it paid descent..ha) So inteview was fine.. but they wouldnt even start hiring until 3 weeks from now..and I wouldnt start until Nov. 5th. Yuck.

Thursday I get a call from Binghamton City schools.. they approved me for subbing and I needed to come in to fill out payroll stuff. I get there and am told that there is an immediate, possible long-term music sub position at one of the Elementary schools
....uh-wha?... deja vu?!
SO I went to that school... had an interview.. met the teacher who had to leave (maternity leave... was supposed to be in December that she went on leave but she is having twin boys and needs to go on bed rest now...) The position is K-5 gen music (band teacher takes half the classes/i take the other half), chorus,string lessons and Orchestra... principal says to go home, think about it tonight an call him friday morning.

I though all night about it... and actually got excited about it so much that I could'nt fall asleep till who knows when... I guess that's a good sign that 1. i do love teaching and 2. that this position would be a good one... unlike the disaster at Moravia..

Luckily I played Violin for 10 years... so not worried about the strings portion.. its in the best elem. school in the district, although I do have one 12-1 class (w/Aide)..so that could be a challenge

anyways.. I called back.. talked more with the principal.. and he offered me the position. It is a sub position.. but she will be out for the entire rest of the year.. so after 20 days of being a sub, and on sub pay ($115/day), it turns to a long-term sub and I get put on the districts pay schedule..which I think with my masters I am at at least $40,000 .. plus it take's those 20 days of subbing i had, and pays me the real teacher salary for those days... plus I'd get health insurance.. and It counts towards my requirement for permanent certification.. I still have provisional, it expires this January actually.. so i need to get an extension...but yeah

this is long.. sorry!

bottom line... I have a job in my field.. I do not plan on being a teacher for-real again.. but It will be nice durring this year of transition/figuring out the next step..to have a job in music and getting paid for what im worth...

in other news... the Recital is October 13th... It's going to be pretty great and I'm excited to finally get it done! Preparing a recital is fun untill like that last 2 weeks when you've had enough of the music.. been working on this since last spring!

and I think i'm going to apply for my DMA this year.. just go right on... I want to do something with teaching styles... old school vocal ped compared to modern vocal ped.. specifcally the mind-body connection thats becoming popular... which is better.. what is used most in universitys.. could do a big nationwide survey..

i'm gonna research schools .. see if its possible

ok im done!
17 August 2007 @ 04:12 pm
Patience pays because it frees you to enjoy what you can right now rather than trying to fix something before it's ready.
10 August 2007 @ 07:23 pm
Even if your life doesn't feel as fulfilling as you wish, rest assured that opportunities are now lurking behind metaphorical trees, waiting for you to walk past the right one. Be patient, for it might take you a while to recognize what you have already experienced. Good fortune will reward patience.
09 August 2007 @ 09:26 pm
why do I always manage to fall for a guy that doesnt want me back

john and i broke up before I left for LA in July..
came back, he helped me move last week, seemed like old times, lots of flirting and mixed messages..
he tells me today he had a date the other night...

why can he move on but I cant?
I still like him
and he wants to be friends
and while I had fun last week just hanging out being friends
i still felt like there was something there

so maybe friends isnt a good idea since i obviously can't dettach myself

but I don't know anyone else in Ithaca now
and I don't have a job
or money
and I miss my sister

i hate being negative.. and im reading about all this power of affirmation.. law of attraction stuff.. and it makes sense.. but It's so hard to be positive about things sometimes... but I know that being down about all of this isnt going to get me anywhere but upset..

i think its just easier to be sad
happy takes more effort

tomorrows another day
and this too shall pass...
19 July 2007 @ 11:14 pm
i love this skit.. a few summers ago my friend Cody and I did this skit at camp.. it was probably my finest moment on stage!